Blogging for career management

Curt MacRae will be my guest speaker for the Mon 8/9 show. Curt was last on back in April and I’m happy to have him back on again.  We’re starting the show a little later, so join us at 3pm ET. We’ll be discussing how “blogging can affect your career and brand for either job seekers or employees“.

Log into the radio show internet site at: or call in to (917) 932-1762 to join the conversation about impact of blogging on your career, or let us know if you have any questions, suggestions, comments.

About Curt:
Curt has provided equipment leasing (since 1992) for municipalities and for corporate clients, bringing expertise and ethics to equipment leasing. The website, provides applications, and references of our work. Human Transitions also offers professional writing to all kinds of commercial applications, and has information at the same website.

Curt is a regular blog contributor to the Examiner. He contributes at the National and local Detroit levels. Pretty funny stuff, so check him out.

You can reach Curt at:
248.238.7214 (office)


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