Image strategies for successful professionals with Roberta Hughes – 12/7

Roberta Hughes will be my guest to discuss the topic of “image strategies for successful professionals“.

Join us on Tuesday 12/7/10 at 8am PT | 9am MT | 10am CT | 11am ET by either calling in to (917) 932-1762, or listen from your computer. Feel free to ask a live question on the call, or in the chat room. If you’re not able to listen to the radio show at the broadcast time, you can return to that link and hear the archives from your computer or download to your iPod.

Ms. Hughes is the president of Avidere, LLC, an image consulting firm serving individuals and corporations.  Her expertise is sought after by Fortune 500 companies, apparel manufacturers and successful individuals.  Ms. Hughes is a national speaker, author, and television host. She has been featured in national publications including, Web MD, and Day Spa Magazine on image strategies ranging from dress code policies, uniform programs, and individual style and presence. She is a graduate of Conselle Image Management Institute where she studied visual communication.

Roberta Hughes, CEO of Avidere, LLC / image consultant / author / speaker / television & film host
Find Avidere on Facebook: Avidere Image Fashion Consulting

PRODUCTS: Image Professional Dress Charts, Power of Image E-Book, Employee Image Training DVDs
INDIVIDUAL SERVICES: Performed by Avidere certified consultant. Image evaluation, wardrobe styling, personal shopping, color evaluations, figure profile.
CORPORATE SERVICES: Image Assessment, Dress Code Policies, Uniform Programs, Training Seminars & DVDs

Roberta is offering a special discount for Job Club Radio listeners to get a discount on image services offered through Avidere. Go to for more information. To take advantage of this offer, send email to:

1) Use IMAGE20 – save 20% on Avidere “personal” image consulting services. Valid through December 31, 2010 only. We offer on-site (wardrobe) and virtual image services (image, color evaluation & shopping).
2) Use IMAGE100 – save $100 on any employee image training DVD. Valid through December 31, 2010 only.

Quote of show:
“A strong, positive self-image is the best possible preparation for success.” – Joyce Brothers

Number of show: 3
Men should have a minimum of 3 suits.


3 Responses

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  3. ‘Roberta Hughes’ fRoM Avidere

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