Show some love to your employees and boss

Join me as a share some thoughts about “how to show some love to your employees and boss” on Tuesday, February 14, 2012 at 11am PT. Call in with your questions, or listen from your computer.

No, this isn’t the love that is characterized as stolen moments in the file room! Rather, the love that is shared between coworkers and bosses that truly enjoy and love working with each other. It is possible to have good relationships at work!

Call in with your questions during the live show: (917) 932-1762.

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Power of saying thank you

Join Jennifer Armitstead on Tuesday, May 24th as she talks about the power of saying “thank you” in managing your career.

Listen live and call in with questions at 917-932-1762, or listen to archive from your computer or iPod. Link to the podcast.