Home based health professionals with Trudy Barnes – Tue 11/9

Trudy Barnes will be my guest to discuss the topic of “home based health professionals“.

Join us on Tuesday 11/9/10 at 11am PT|12n MT|1pm CT|2pm ET by either calling in to (917) 932-1762, or listen from your computer. Feel free to ask a live question on the call, or in the chat room. If you’re not able to listen to the radio show at the broadcast time, you can return to that link and hear the archives from your computer or download to your iPod.

Trudy can be reached at www.trudybarnes.com.

Quote of the show:
“I don’t fear death because I don’t fear anything I don’t understand. When I start to think about it, I order a massage and it goes away.” ~Hedy Lamarr, actress

Number of the show: 75
75% of human physical pain is created by muscles tightness http://www.massageme.com.au/inspire.htm