Episode #6: Resumes Written in an Active Voice

Shauna Dansie will be the guest speaker for the Mon 4/26/10 show. The topic of the podcast is Resumes Written in an Active Voice. Tune in Monday April 26th at 11am PT | 12 noon MT | 2pm ET www.blogtalkradio.com/jobclubradio.

Shauna Dansie is a multi-award winning author, editor, researcher and public speaker.  She has twelve years of professional writing experience as well as a five-year career as an Executive Recruiter.  This dual background gives her a unique perspective on how individuals can effectively position themselves in job searches.  By melding creative ideas, keywords and powerful writing, Shauna has assisted many individuals and corporations in the discovery and communication of their brand. 

Shauna’s contact info:
Phone: 801-253-6504
Blog: shaunadansie.wordpress.com
Email: shaunadansie@q.com

Check out Shauna’s blog post: Resumes Written in an Active Voice

Imagine that you are put in charge of preparing some written marketing documentation to send to a potential client.  This is a big client.  If you could win the business, it would make you the hands down hero for forever.  Well, at least it would significantly improve your bottom line.  How would you handle this task? You would endeavor to prove your corporate worth, right? You would write in the strongest and clearest terms possible to maximize limited space.  You would do your research.  Bottom line, you would position your organization as the very best and sell, sell, sell! A resumé is no different…. Read more here.

Quote of the show:
“Writing is not only alive and well in the business world, but writing whose style reflects flair, eloquence and a confident sense of self can springboard employees forward in their careers.” Christine Mowat, The University of Calgary

# of the show: 10
Meaning 10 people for every job in America so, it’s no wonder that resume writing has hit an all time frenzy.