Women in the world of trucking with Erin Wiersma – Mon 11/15

Erin Wiersma will be my guest to discuss the topic of “women working in the world of trucking“.

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Erin is an entrepreneur at heart. She has been in sales for 5 years.   She is a Life, Health and Commercial insurance agent,  and a “girl with a truck.” She has used her diverse sales experience compete in the trucking world and other male dominated industries.   She is using her secrets in sales to launch a business to empower other women to unleash their sales potential in any industry. Erin is a hockey mom in Utah to two amazing tween boys,  and the owner of a yellow lab and “garage dog” that travels with her.

Contact information:
801-513-ERIN (3746)

Quote of the show:
“There is more credit and satisfaction in being a first-rate truck driver than a tenth-rate executive.” – B.C. Forbes, Founder of Forbes Magazine

Number of the show: 166,000
The U.S. Census Bureau data compiled through 2008 cites “drivers/sales workers and truck drivers” totals at 3,388,000 individuals.  This document shows only 4.9 percent of the category is women, or approximately 166,000 female drivers. (Link: http://www.thetrucker.com/news/stories/2010/8/25/Findingdataaboutwomeninthetruckingindustry.aspx)

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