Your Superpowers with Steve Gardner

On Tuesday, March 20th at 11am PT | 2pm ET, Steve Gardner joins Jennifer Armitstead to discuss his newest book “Your Superpowers“, which launches on Amazon the same day as the Job Club Radio episode.

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Steve Gardner is the author of the popular teenage empowerment book Your Superpowers Dream It, Achieve It! He is a powerful advocate for empowerment, and loves coordinating his life-changing Superpowers conferences for youth around the world. He has spoken and taught youth and adults about discovering hidden talents and creating a great life for over 10 years and on three different continents. He has taught Mandarin Chinese in high school, coached basketball, managed the branding for a fortune 500 company, and counseled troubled youth; but what he loves most is inspiring greatness in others.

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Book review of Harper’s Rules with Danny Cahill

Join Jennifer Armitstead as she interviews Danny Cahill about his book, Harper’s Rules. Show is Tuesday, September 13, 2011 at 2pm ET. Call in with questions at 917-932-1762. You can listen to the show from your computer live during the show, or listen to the archive afterwards anytime. Link to the show: .

Information about Danny Cahill:

Danny Cahill

Danny Cahill is a popular keynote speaker, recruiter, and the owner of Hobson Associates, one of America’s largest search firms. He is also the founder of, an online training firm. He is also a successful playwright with off-Broadway credentials and has won both the Maxwell Anderson and CAB theater awards. He has written for CBS television as well as various trade journals.